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You are invited to participate in a forum to discuss and promote the old doctrines of WCG (Original WCG Theological Apologetics - pro-HWA Forum). As there are so many anti-HWA and anti-old WCG forums and lists around (as well as individuals in CoGs), anti-HWA and anti-old WCG statements will not be allowed on this forum. Please follow protocol and if you are anti-HWA, do not post here. Here are some ideas for papers or comments:
- man's destiny to be in the God Family
- we are born again in the resurrection
- salvation and conversion are processes in 3 stages
- what will happen in the millenium
- the race question
- there are 7 church eras
- there will be a physical place(s) of safety
- Christian living without true doctrine is a form of protestantism
- typology
- Laws of God sometimes forgotten or neglected (eg land sabbath, mixed fabrics etc)
- we should try and understand Laws such as Jubilee, Year of Release etc)
- Table of Nations (Genesis 10) is important to understanding world events
- Germany is Assur in prophecy
- the Turks descend from Edom
- Judah = Scots and Jews; Ephraim = English; Manasseh = Anglo-Americans
- other tribes of Israel can be specified
- who and what is the Beast
- the NWO, New Age ideas etc are not the Beast or the Babylonian religion, but the old Holy Roman Empire is
- USA & UK are Israel and the NWO is an attempt by them to bring democracy and capitalism to the world
- social conservative views on abortion, euthanasia, surrogacy, same-sex marriages, homosexuality/lesbianism, male-female roles, no women ministers, stem cell research etc
- should CoGs honour HWA or ignore him? And if they ignore him, what is the real motive behind that?
- what HWA said about a host of issues which we have forgotten
- should doctrinal changes be announced like HWA used to do, or just quietly dropped without any discussion




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   We realize it may seem a bit strange that we send out this letter

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   moderate mail has come in lately, so we have taken this measure to

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   We know and appreciate that yours is a sincere request, and only

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 Moderators of Originalwcg Forum

There has been some confusion in the past in regards to certain of the forum rules.  We will try to clear up some of the ones we have gotten questions on.  One question that has been asked is about Anti-HWA posts.  So below you will find a more defined explanation of what is meant by “no Anti-HWA” posts.


Anti-HWA Posts are anything that is said in a manner to put HWA down or by Trying to spread false doctrine by challenging any of the 18 restored truths or core church doctrine.  When we talk about core doctrine we are talking about things such as the Sabbath, Holy Day’s, Clean and Unclean Meats,  Who and what the God Family are ect.  This does not mean one can not ask questions about these doctrines in a manner consistent with trying to learn or understand more about the issue.  If you are unsure if your post fits these guidelines please pray about it before you send it and remember what the purpose of the forum is.  This forum is not about trying to change the fundamental beliefs of the Church of God.